Many approach brand building with digital as a subcomponent. But with the shift over the last two years, digital has been leading the charge more and more.

That’s why at Gravitas, our branding and marketing approach is digital first, which is then taken holistically through the line. We’re constantly honing our skills because recent practice has proven that digital can and should be your focal point for business and commercial goals.


Big Ideas cannot be bigger than your performance, so we’re turning things around. We think business first, then wrap it in a compelling and memorable Big Idea.

In the same way, Gravitas Integrated puts customers first, and clients second. (Yes, we mean that.)

Numbers guide the idea, not feelings or experience or the neighbour’s preference. How? By combining the young blood of data analytics and design, with years of sales, marketing, experiential and creative know-how.

Through this venture, we provide analytical and digital capabilities that other sales and experiential companies don’t, whilst giving you field force and distribution planning solutions creative agencies can’t. It is a potent hybrid that is key to driving business sustainability and exponential growth.


Gravitas began as a digital agency. With transformation happening so quickly over the last two years, many clients realised that the digital landscape was no more just a “support” for ATL. More and more it became the lead role. Hence, we took the opportunity to expand.

Gravitas Integrated sees the coming together of our digital expertise with the branding and creative experience of industry veterans Patrick Yap, former MD of a 4As agency, and Executive Creative Director Paul Lim, also no stranger to the ad industry. Together, a full-fledged digital agency, and full-fledged brand agency are now one and the same, not agency partners with different P&Ls.

That’s not all. Recognizing the need to be holistic from O to O, Gravitas Integrated further extends its services by being a part of Trad3mark Group, thereby offering full marketing solutions from branding and digital to CRM and experiential marketing.


Contrary to what some may say, “one-size-fits-all” is probably not the best approach to any campaign. While your brand speaks with the same personality, and the campaign comes from the same big idea, it plays the part differently between channels. And we’re here to tailor every post, video, OOH and event to best suit its environment and audience.